Design consulting


Fougarou can help you in the design and production of your projects.


Here are some of the organisations Fougarou has had the chance to work with:




Design consulting

Fougarou Productions provides consulting services in game design.

Depending on the nature of your needs, we can develop the design of your game or help you analyze and refine an existing design.

Here are some topics on which we can help:

  • Evaluation of the behavior of the avatar
  • Analysis of game mechanics
  • Player profiling methods
  • Motivational strategy of player
  • Component analysis of the game and their distribution


Coaching and training

Fougarou Productions offers customized coaching and training services.

Whether your needs are corporate or individual, we offer:

  • The analysis of development needs
  • The development of a plan of action
  • The production and delivery of training
  • Personalized coaching geared towards practice