Design training

Fougarou offers many trainings and workshops in design.  Whatever the subject, Fougarou can build a training that will answer your needs.  

Have a look at the trainings that have already been built by Fougarou and do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to have a training made on demand.


Fougarou has provided trainings for the following institutions:




Training in player psychology

  • Analysis of player motivations
  • Motivation design approaches
  • Reward strategies
  • Cognitive biases and operant conditionning

Duration: 35 hours

Training on level design

  • Theme and experience analysis
  • Game system and mecanics design
  • Player skills and progression curves
  • Game level architecture and staging strategies
  • Logical distribution of game ingredients in the game

Duration: 40 hours

Workshops in applied level design

  • Conception methods in level design
  • Level design document writing
  • Level production in a game editor

Durée: 45 hours

Workshops in applied game design

  • Conception workshop
  • Systemic design of the game
  • Motivation strategy design
  • Ingredient design
  • Production of a prototype

Durée: 45 hours

Training in social design

  • Seven step social componant design method
  • Useful social dynamic models
  • Social componant design workshops

Duration: 8 hours

Training on games and culture

  • Historical analysis of games
  • Reflexion on the cultural roles of games
  • Analysis of the social and cultural impact of games

Duration: 25 hours

Training on the theory of games

  • Game definitions and caracteristics
  • Building blocks of games
  • Game design workshops

Duration: 25 hours

Workshop in board game design

  • Conception workshops
  • Theme selection
  • Design of goals and challenges
  • Prototype production

Duration: 3 hours

Coaching video game production

Fougarou offered coaching and creative direction in design to the students of Campus DNA during their final school project (2013).

  • Leadership role in design and level design
  • Coaching of students
  • Planning and coordination of the game's design