Mon Samsara Game

 Fougarou is proud to present Mon Samsara, a transformative game exploring our life habits.

By playing Mon Samsara, you get to gently orient the development of a human being and choose how to fill his or her life with objects and people to make it all worthwhile. These bonds impact when and how it all ends. But what is the meaning of it all? Only you can know the answer.

Mon Samsara is a simple life-simulator game which encourages self-reflection and discussion over the player's consumption and relationship habits. A play session lasts approximately 12 minutes and players are encouraged to replay the game to deepen their understanding of the game's underlying systems and values and their perspective on them. The evocative nature of its graphics and music and its lack of a clear goal stimulate the player to build their own emergent narrative.

The game was self-funded and is offered freely on