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18 February 2020



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Mon Samsara is a transformative game exploring our life habits. By playing Mon Samsara, you get to gently orient the development of a human being and choose how to fill his or her life with objects and people to make it all worthwhile. These bonds impact when and how it all ends. But what is the meaning of it all? Only you can know the answer.

Mon Samsara is a simple life-simulator game which encourages self-reflection and discussion over the player's consumption and relationship habits. A play session lasts approximately 12 minutes and players are encouraged to replay the game to deepen their understanding of the game's underlying systems and values and their perspective on them. The evocative nature of its graphics and music and its lack of a clear goal stimulate the player to build their own emergent narrative.

The game was self-funded and will be offered freely on itch.io.



The first idea for Mon Samsara came to Jean-Christophe Pelletier, the founder of Productions Fougarou, in 2007 a few years after the birth of his son. While thinking about the ways fatherhood had changed his life, he realised that he now had very little time for many of the hobbies and activites he once enjoyed. In itself, this was not a problem but all the items, tools, objects he had previously used were still present around him. They were a constant reminder of his past life and he felt a certain guilt in seeing them unused. He realised that the objects he owned, owned him in return since all the energy he had spent in acquiring and using them was creating a subtle obligation.


The idea then came to Jean-Christophe to make a game that would explore the relationships we create with objects and people and how our personal life energy his spent and distributed through these engagements. Over the course of many years, Jean-Christophe worked on and off on Mon Samsara. This slow production pace allowed him to deepen and broaden his ideas on Mon Samsara's life energy model. Once Mon Samsara's gameplay was finalized, Jean-Christophe received the help of Raphaƫl Dely and Max Romain who respectively helped with programming and sound design of the game.


  • A transformative game that encourages introspection and discussion.
  • Evocative graphics and music that stimulate a personal and emergent narrative.
  • Short play sessions that encourage multiple replays
  • Easy controls. One button game.
  • Free web distribution on itch.io
  • A game that becomes a short story about you.


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Selected Articles

  • "A true minimalist representation of life, Mon Samsara offers us a multitude of choices to take literally and figuratively, a way to live out their consequences and allows the possibility of letting go. (tranlated from french)"
    - Suzanne Clemente, Geekbecois (FRENCH)

About Productions Fougarou

Fougarou Productions is a small independant game development enterprise focused on transformative games that seek to provoke insight around universal themes such as our relationship with nature or our consumption habits. We also offer training and consulting services in game and level design in the education and private sectors.

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Mon Samsara Credits

Jean-Christophe Pelletier
Creative Director, Producer

Raphael Dely
Programmer, freelancer

Max Romain
Music, Freelancer

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